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Thursday, August 13, 2009

One rupee coins: Republic India-VIII

1 rupee, care for the girl child
1 rupee care for girl child1990 was designated as the SAARC(South Asian Association for regional cooperation) year of the girl child. SAARC comprises of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The primary aim of SAARC is to promote peace, stability, amity and progress in the given countries.

I got the shown one rupee as change from the post office.

1 rupee, food and nutrition
1 rupee food and nutrition
Weight: 6gm
Metal: Copper-nickel
Subject: food and nutrition

The government of India adopted the National Nutrition policy under the aegis of department of women's and child development in 1993.

Food and nutrition board is primarily engaged in Nutrition Education and Training Activities, Mass Awareness Campaigns, Promotion of Infant and Young Child Nutrition and Follow Up Action on instruments of National Nutrition Policy.

Five-day Training of Trainers (TOT) courses for orienting medical officers, senior supervisors, LHVs etc on various aspects of nutrition are organized. These master trainers in turn organise two-day Orientation Training Courses for the grassroot level functionaries particularly of ICDS and health besides volunteers from the community.

Advertisement campaign for the purpose of mass awareness was generated during 2006 –

1) 2 half page (1 colored ad on 1.8.2006 and 1 Black & white on 7.8.2006) advertisements during the World Breastfeeding Week.
2) 2 half page (1 colored ad on 1.9.2006 and 1 black & white on 7.9.2006) advertisements during National Nutrition Week.
3) One half page color advertisement on 2nd October on the eve of Integrated Child Development Nutrition (ICDS).
4) One half page colored advertisement on World Food Day on the theme ‘Invest in Agriculture for Food Security’ highlighting the importance of diversified diet for better nutrition, health and development.
5) Half page black and white advertisement on Global Iodine Deficiency Disorders Prevention Day highlighting the importance of consumption of iodised salt in our daily diet.

Special awareness generation programmes like Orientation Training Course, community meetings, camps, essay competitions, healthy baby shows etc, were also held during these events.

One rupee: Veer Duragdass
Early life

Durgadas was a suryavanshi Rathore Rajput, belonging to the Karnot branch of the Rathore clan. He was the son of Askaran Rathore, a Rajput general in the army of Maharaja Jaswant Singh. As his mother did not get along with her husband and co-wives, she lived away from Jodhpur, and Durgadas grew up in a small village.

When Durgadas was young, a camelherd, rearing the herds of the Maharaja, ventured into Durgadas's fields. Durgadas asked the camel herd to take his herd away and not destroy the field. The camelherd paid no heed. Durgadas unsheathed his sword and killed him. Word of this reached Maharaja Jaswant Singh. He summoned Durgadas and asked him why he killed the camelherd. Durgadas told him that the royal herd of camels was giving Jaswant Singh a bad name by destroying the crops of ordinary people. The Maharaja was very impressed with Durgadas's uprightness and gave him an appointment in the army.

Saving Ajit Singh

Maharaja Jaswant Singh, ruler of Marwar, died in 1679 without immediate male heirs. However, two of his wives were pregnant at the time of his death. These circumstances allowed the mughal emperor Aurangzeb to intervene; he appointed a Muslim to rule over Marwar, which upset the Rathod clan a great deal. One of Jaswant Singh's pregnant widows gave birth, in due course, to a male child, who was named Ajit Singh. After the birth of this rightful heir, prominent grandees of Marwar, including Durgadas, went to Delhi along with the infant Ajit Singh and asked Aurangzeb that the infant be confirmed in his late father's estates and titles. Aurangzeb did not absolutely refuse, but suggested, supposedly for the infant's own safety, that Ajit grow up in Delhi in front of him.

The nurturing of the head of the Rathod clan in Aurangzeb's staunchly muslim household was not acceptable to the clan. It is said that crown prince Ajit Singh along with his mother was staying at a place called "Bhuli Bhatiyari" near Jhandewalan of modern Delhi. Durgadas and others of the delegation resolved upon smuggling Ajit Singh out of Delhi. Durgadas and his 300 men, notable among them Thakur Mokam singh Balunda and Mukand Das Khichi made a plan. According to the plan Mokam Singh Balunda's wife Bagheliji put her infant girl, in place of Ajit Singh. As they approached the outskirts of the city, the mughal guards fell in hot pursuit and Durgadas and his companions had to make their escape while fighting hand-to-hand battle with the much larger mughal army. Every so often, some 15-20 Rajputs would fall behind to check the mughal pursuers, in the process getting themselves killed. In this battle Mokam singh Balunda, his son Hari singh Balunda got injured, but they managed to keep distance between the forward party and the Mughals.Among them Mokam singh Balunda's wife Bagheli Rani This continued till the evening; Durgadas was left with just seven men out of the 300 he started with, but he managed to escape with the infant Ajit Singh to safety to Balunda. Mokam Singh's wife Bagheliji kept Maharaja Ajit singh at Balunda for almost one year, Later, he was moved to the safety of Aravali hills near Abu Sirohi, a remote town on the southern fringes of Marwar, and grew up in anonymity.

For 20 years after this event, Marwar remained under the direct rule of a Mughal governor. During this period, Durgadas carried out a relentless struggle against the occupying forces. Trade routes that passed through the region were plundered by the guerillas, who also looted various treasuries in present-day Rajasthan and Gujarat. These disorders adversely impacted the finances of the empire.

Durgadas took advantage of the disturbances following the death of Aurangzeb in 1707, to seize Jodhpur and eventually evict the occupying Mughal force. Ajit Singh was proclaimed Maharaja of Jodhpur. He rebuilt all the temples that had been descecrated by the occupying muslims.


Aurangzeb's son Sultan Muhammad Akbar rebelled against his father. Naturally, Durgadas extended aid to him in the rebellion. This venture came to naught, as Akbar died in exile; he left his children in the custody of Durgadas. Aurangzeb became extremely anxious to get his grandchildren back. He requested Durgadas, who agreed to send them to Aurangzeb. When the children arrived, Aurangzeb asked a Qazi to start teaching them the Quran. On hearing this, his little granddaughter began reciting ayats from the holy book. Aurangzeb was left dumbfounded. On being asked, his granddaughter told him that while she was in Durgadas's custody, a Qazi had been engaged to take care of their religious training.

Such was Durgadas. Till today, people in Rajasthan pray: Mayee ehra poot jan jehara DURGADAS, baandh mundaso rakhiyo bin thambe aakash. (Mother, give birth to a son just like Durgadas,who stopped the flooding dam of Moghuls (the Moghul Army) without any support (i.e. single handedly)).

Last breath

Veer Durgadas after completing his duties successfully and fulfilled the promise which he given to Jaswant Singh Ji, left Jodhpur and live in Sadri, Udaipur, Rampura, Bhanpura for some time and then left to worship Mahakaal at Ujjain. On 22nd November 1718, on the banks of the Sipra at Ujjain, Durgadas passed away at the age of 81 years, his beautiful canopy in red stone is still at the Chakrathirth, Ujjain, which is pilgrimage for all freedom fighters and rajputs. Veer Durgadas left behind a shining example of loyalty, chivalry and courage.

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