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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

indian 2 anna

2 anna, 1950:bull
2 anna bull 1950
This coin was struck in copper-nickel. This type of coin was circulated in the 1950s, just after the independence of India. The obverse shows the four headed lion symbol, and it reads 'government of India', and the reverse shows a bull, along with the denomination and the date. Two annas are equivalent to 12 paise and 16 annas make one rupee.

2 anna,1947: george vi
2 anna 1947 george vi
This is the two anna of George VI, who was the last British ruler of India. More informatio on George VI can be seen on the Indian one rupee coins (British India) post. The obverse shows George VI , and the reverse shows the denomination and the date.

2 anna, 1919: george v
2 anna george v 1919
Under Geoge V, this type of different anna coins were struck from 1917. These coins had "two annas" written in five different languages on the reverse. Two annas was written in English in the centre, in Hindi on the left, in Urdu on the top. in Bangla on the right, and in Telugu on the bottom. The obverse shows George V, the date , and India.

This coin was made in copper-nickel to replace the silver 2 annas coin, which was costier.


  1. hi my name is prabhu and i have got a coin of 1919. it's shape is like a spoon at one end and an elephant at the other end.It is of george vi 1/4 rupee coin of 1919 and is of silver.

  2. One correction to your post. "and in Tamil on the bottom". It is not Tamil in bottom but Kannada/Telugu.

  3. ok anyway let me put good quality piece. This one is worn out.

  4. pls.tell me how much 20 paise cooper 1970