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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Canada dollar $$

One dollar, 1987
canada 1 dollar loonie
This one dollar coin is made of aureate-bronze plated nickel, and is also called a Loonie. The reverse shows a duck at the centre, the denomination and the date. The obverse shows a young queen Elizabeth II. D.G.Regina is also written. It stands for Die Gratia Regina , and is Latin for "by grace of the god, queen." Duck hunting is apparently a popular sport in Canada. Ducks come to the place every year by the millions.

The name "Loonie" comes from the Great Northern Diver(a bird), known in North America as the Common Loon(Gavia immer). It is a large member of the loon, or diver family of birds.

Two dollar, 1996
canada two dollar toonie
The Canadian 2 dollar coin is called the Toonie and was introduced in 1996. The coin is made of bimetallic strip.The obverse shows queen Elizabeth II, the date and "D.G.Regina". The reverse shows a polar bear, and the denomination. Polar bears are huge bears that are found in and around the Arctic. Now they are an endangered species because of reckless hunting and lack of natural habitat. Canada allows sport hunting of these bears as opportunities of employment are scarce. It is believed that the polar bear will become extinct by the end of this century, primarily because of global warming. The natural habitat of these bears, the icy Arctic , will melt and will cause their extinction. But at the same time, we will see the rise of the "grolar bear", which will be a hybrid of a polar bear and a grizzly bear.

Now why is this coin called the Toonie? It is called so because of one dollar coin is called the Loonie. This one is two dollar coin, so it is called the Toonie. Case closed.


  1. "...reckless hunting..." by the lazy Native/Aboriginal population harbored in Canada protected under treaties that are so old and irrelevant. The reckless hunting is NOT by the tax-base-contributing population of the country.

  2. say i had one of those coins in perfect condition from 1996, how much wouod it be worth?