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Sunday, August 9, 2009

One rupee coins: Republic India-VI

1 rupee, 1954
1 rupee 1954Rev: Ashoka lion pedestal
Obv: grain ears flank thick numeral
Weight: 11.66gm
Diameter: 24mm
Metal: nickel

1 rupee, 1962
1 rupee 1962Weight: 10gm
Diameter: 28mm
Metal: nickel
Mint: Calcutta(no mint mark)
Remark: larger lion symbol, smaller numeral.
Large 96 in between small 1 and 2 in the date.

One rupee: 1950
one rupee 1950
The first one rupee coin of republic India was released in 1950. After that the one rupee coin came out in 1954; whererafter the design was changed in 1962, with no mintage in the in between years. Since the one rupee coins of 1950 and 1954 were minted only in the Bombay mint, my collection of this coin type is complete.


  1. Hi Kulraj!

    I have one coin of 1962 pictured here and more than 300 dating 1970 and later. None are fake. I just never used them and kept collecting as they came.

    I am not sure of the many forums who claim to get the best deals.

    Can you please let me know the price I can expect for the 1962 coin and the others?

    My email: is

    I'd be obliged if you can e-mail me the details.



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