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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Australian 50 cents

The Australian 50 cent coin has a 12-sided shape and is one of the largest circulated coins in the world today, next only to the crown.

50 cent, 2003
australia 50 cent volunteersThis coin has a theme of Australia's volunteers. The reverse shows an artwork of the volunteers from Australia in various fields.

50 cent, 2006
50 cent 2006 australiaThe reverse shows the Australian coat of arms, which includes the emu, the second largest bird in the world, which is flightless like many other birds in Australia and New Zealand. Also shown is the kangaroo, a large marsupial which happens to be the national animal of Australia. And in between the two is a shield.

50 cent, 2005: world war II
australia world war ii 50 centThis is a commemorative 50 cent coin of Australia. The world war started in 1939 and 1945. This coin was minted in 2005, so it means its remembrance of the event, on the occasion of 60 years of the ending of the war. The coin is in remembrance, an ode to those who lost their lives in the catastrophic event which is known as world war II. Some people might say that Australia was not among one of the Axis or the Allied powers, but then they forget that Australia was a part of England in the second world war.

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  1. Hello I have a 2009 50cent coin as well and I was wondering the value of it you can email back at thanks