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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mexico centavo

5 centavo, 1974
mexico cinco centavoDiameter: 18mm
Metal: brass
Weight: 2.75gm

20 centavo, 1982
mexico 20 centavoMetal: copper-nickel
Diameter: 20mm

50 centavo, 1981
cincuenta centavo mexicoWeight:6.5gm
Diameter: 23mm
Metal: copper-nickel
Reverse: figure with Mayan headress

All the coins of Mexico have a very interesting symbol on the reverse: A hawk holding a snake in its talons, and the talon holding the snake is raised. The story regarding this symbol is also rather interesting. We know that the current land of Mexico was once home to the intriguing Aztec civilization, which was as well known for its savagery and brutal sacrifices. The coins of Mexico have clear empirical evidence of the influence of Mayan and Aztec culture and symbols.

The symbol shown here on the reverse is one of Aztec mythology/folklore. As it happens, it is believed that someone was told in a prophecy that you have to search for a hawk with a snake in its talons, and a city would have to be built at the place where the hawk is found. The hawk is said to have been found in the middle of a lake after a lot of searching. So the great Aztec city of Tenotchitlan was built in the middle of the lake with 3 great causeways to the centre. The city was considered to be a marvel of the era. This city endured for a long time until Cortez came from Spain with his conquistadors.

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