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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thailand 10 Baht (Copper-Nickel) - I

10 Baht: 30th anniversary of Buddhist fellowship

thailand 10 baht 30th anniversary buddhist fellowship
Date: BE 2493-2523 . 2493 converts to 1950AD, when the fellowship started ; and this coin was minted in 2523BE or 1980AD to mark 30 years of the event.

Vision of the fellowship program: " to spread Buddha's teachings in English, and fellowship based on high moral values"

Mission: To be the spiritual conduit in the community -- to bring people who are searching for Love and Happiness to the Dharma. To promote fellowship and friendship among Buddhists.

10 Baht: 80th anniversary boy scouts July 1 2454-2534BE
thailand 10 baht 80th anniversary boy scouts
King Rama IX and his associate in the boy scout uniforms. The year 2534BE is equivalent to 1991 AD. The boy scouts was started in 2454BE or 1911AD in Thailand.
thailand 10baht 80th anniversary boy scout
The scout emblem and motto: " better to die than to lie"

10 Baht: centennial of Thai teacher training October 12
thailand 10baht centennial of teacher training october 12 obverse
Obverse shows the king, Rama IX, with perhaps his teacher.
thailand 10baht centennial of teacher training october 12 reverse
circumscribing lettering: Thai teacher training October 12. The emblem at the centre is designed keeping a stylized version of the number 100 at the centre, and it is made in the shape of a earthen lamp. The date is written at the top: BE 2535= 1992AD. So the teacher training started in 1892AD.

All the coins in this series are very large, having a diameter of 32mm. Almost all coins in this series had a mintage of about 1 million or so; and some had relatively lesser mintage. Watch this space.

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