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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thailand 20 Baht - I

20 Baht: 100th birthday king's mother October 21
thailand 20baht 100th birthday october 21
Year: 2543BE=2000AD
thailand 20baht 100th birthday kings mother october 21

20 Baht: 120th anniversary audit council 2418-2538BE
thailand 20baht 120th anniversary audit council 2418-2538BEDate: 2538BE= 1995AD
thailand 20baht 120 anniversary audit council 2418-2538BE

Thailand 20 Baht: 108th anniversary
of ministry of defence April 8

thailand 20baht 108th anniversary ministry of defence april8revDate: 2538BE=1994AD
thailand 20 baht 108th anniversary ministry of defence april 8 obverse

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