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Monday, March 29, 2010

Bhagat singh error set(Proof)

Bhagat singh error set cover
bhagat sagat singh proof set cover
The recently released Bhagat singh sets have a horrible error on them: the name is written as SAGAT SINGH instead of Bhagat singh in Hindi, not once but twice. Also, 'janmshati' has been spelled as 'janmshaati'. The latter error is not too much a matter of concern but the first one is. Bhagat Singh is a national hero who is also known as "shaheed-e-azam" or the king of martyrs as he was the first one to be hanged in India's struggle for freedom, along with Rajguru and Sukhdev. Not many people knew about Bhagat Singh and his contribution to India's freedom struggle before Manoj Kumar portrayed the role of Bhagat Singh in his movie Shaheed in 1965 and immortalized songs like mera rang de basanti chola, ae watan and pagri sambhal jatta . I don't know about before but now Bhagat Singh is part of History curricula in schools these days, and children are taught about Bhagat Singh just as Manoj Kumar had his mission of infusing the youth with courage and self sacrifice through his movie Shaheed.

I have seen and heard errors like missing date, die crack error, die rotation etc. but for me, this one takes the cake in terms of the shocking quotient. I mean, just how can someone make a mistake of erroneously changing the name of a national hero in a process that is supposed to be foolproof? Would such an error not be seen by anyone in the mint before the packaging is done, the sets are packed and dispatched? And that begets another question: is the error deliberate? I know this is quite serious, but that possibility is not zero. As it is, some collector noticed the error and notified the mint. So they canceled whatever production was still in process or was being dispatched and the faulty sets, and the whole process started was started afresh. So now further shipping should be free of error. From a collector's point of view, these error sets are very rare and highly valuable.

Bhagat Singh error set obverse
bhagat singh sagat proof set obverse
sagat singh bhagat proof set reverse
Bhagat singh 5 rupee coin
bhagat singh sagat singh 5 rupee
Bhagat Singh 100 rupee obverse
bhagat singh sagat 100 rupee obverse
Bhagat Singh 100 rupee reverse
bhagat sagat singh 100 rupee reverse
bhagat sagat singh story english
bhagat sagat singh coin details info


  1. nice collection

  2. Very Nice collection Kulraj

  3. hi i want a full set of 100rs and 5rs coin if YOU ARE AVAILABLE WITH THIS STOCK then please write me on or can call me on 09780143464 i want 10 complete proof sets of LAL BAHADUR SHASTRI 2005 COINS SET. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ......

  4. awsome collection

  5. Hi Kulraj,

    Can u tell me whether this Bhagat singh error set(Proof) set was minted in 2007 or is it a rebooked mint of 2010?


  6. put his picture with turban not with a hat

  7. Please see under bhagat singh proof set.