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Friday, March 5, 2010

Sri Lanka cents

5 cents, 1978
Metal: aluminium

50 cents, 1975
sri lanka 50 cents 1975
The symbol on the obverse is the national emblem or the coat of arms of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has usually had an elephant on its coat of arms but this one with the lion on it has been in use since 1972.

The image in the centre is also on the flag of Sri Lanka. It is a golden lion passant (passant is one of the different attitudes or positions in which an animal is shown), and it is holding a flag in its right front paw on a maroon background surrounded by golden petals of the blue lotus. Encircling the border are sheaves of rice grains which are symbolic of prosperity. The crest of the symbol is the dharmachakra, reasserting the position of Buddhism in the country. The supporters at the bottom are the sun and the moon, which are traditional Sinhalese heraldic symbols.

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