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Thursday, May 27, 2010

USA silver quarter dollar

Barber quarter, 1908
usa barber quarter dollar 1908 silver
The barber quarter was started to be minted in 1892 along with Barber dime and Barber half dollar. Just like the Barber half dollar, it is a conditional rarity as it was heavily used and it is very expensive in higher grades. The 1909-O Barber quarter has only 12 known pieces in AU grade. The Barber design was also extremely unpopular so it was replaced by the standing liberty quarter in 1916.

Standing liberty quarter, 1928
usa standing liberty  quarter 1928
The Standing Liberty Quarter considered to be one of the most attractive US coin designs by some numismatists, was issued from 1916 to 1930 by the United States Mint. Type One (1916-1917) featured Liberty on the obverse and an American eagle in flight with no stars below on the reverse. Liberty carries an upraised shield in her left hand and an olive branch in her right hand; most notably, this coin was the only circulating coin to feature Liberty with a bare breast.There is some controversy over who modeled for the Standing Liberty Quarter, but it was either Doris Doscher or Broadway actress, Irene MacDowell.

The following year, a Liberty, Type 2 (1917-1930) was issued with several design changes, most notably covering Liberty's chest with chain mail and the addition of three stars on the reverse under the eagle. The design was changed because of a public outcry regarding Liberty's bared breast.

This coin is also hard to find in higher grades, and the date wears out very quickly in issues before 1925. For issues after 1925, the date was lowered so that it would wear out after the coin is worn out. This is one of the most expensive coins in the US in higher grades.


  1. Barber quarter, 1901 in the same condition as you have the Barber quarter, 1908. can you kindly suggest the aprox value of that coin in that condition.

  2. Hmmm
    I am not an expert in USA coinage.
    But I would say about 6-8$ if I had to guess, but thats not accounting for the rise in silver prices. That would be my guess for the rates one year back.

  3. Thanks you kulraj .......... you are cool and you rule man...... thank you for your prompt reply.

    God bless