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Monday, July 5, 2010

New coin booking: 60 years of commonwealth

The Mumbai mint has now opened the bookings for the set of 60 years of commonwealth, which includes a 100rupee coin and a 5 rupee coin. The bookings will be open until 31st August, 2010. You can have a look at the proof set shown below:

60 years of commonwealth proof set

60 years of commonwealth set
The price of the booking is as follows:
UNC set :- 2310 rupees (or 95$ for foreign nationals)

Proof set :- 2740 rupees (or 110$ for foreign nationals)

In case you have not booked a coin set before, you can book it at the Mumbai mint website:

An analysis: The cost of these sets has been spiraling upwards very rapidly in recent times. The last booking in Mumbai mint was of Homi Bhabha and that cost a buyer 3400 rupees(1400 for UNC and 2000 for proof set). Now the cost is 2310+2740=5050Rs, or an increase of almost 50%. Since the mint booking price has gone up, so the price of the sets released earlier would also go up accordingly. This does make collecting difficult since everything is becoming so expensive, but at the same time this makes buying coins a good investment as we know that the price of our coins will shoot up in a very short amount of time and it also increases the desirability of coins.

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