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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New coin booking: Rabindranath Tagore, Rajendra Prasad and Annadurai

Coin cookings for these 3 sets are open from 19 July 2010 to 19 aug 2010. The following is a snapshot of an advertisement that appeared in the Sunday Times of Mumbai. you can do your bookings on the Kolkata mint site:

kolkata mint coin bookings rabindranath tagore annadurai rajendra prasad

An analysis: the prices of the bookings have shot up and are now really high. If you want to book 1 piece each, it would cost you above 15thousand rupees, and obviously would leave a big gaping hole in your pocket. In such a time, investors are panicking and trying to release their money by selling their extra sets, and as a result the prices of sets which were open for booking in the last 1-2 years have gone down a little. As it is known that coin prices would shoot up once these new sets come into the market, this is definitely the right time to buy old sets. But then again, more than 90% of the collectors or investors are not having the resources to do so at this moment as the booking itself would cost so much. Personally, I have already bought most of the sets that interested me this month only and now only 2-3 sets remain to be bought. That I will do by August mid and then I would never look at old sets again. Then I would move on to other domains.


  1. Thank You so much to inform us. Your work is really excellent. Hats Off...

  2. how to get rabindranath tagore coin booking

  3. tagore booking is closed.
    Now you would have to buy from dealer.

  4. ok.Thank you.
    Is there any chanse to get RS 150(or 75) coin booking other than "rabindranath tagore's"

  5. only tagore issued till now in 150rs denomination.
    though RBI booking is still open, so you can book that.

  6. can u give me the address or num to whom ishould contact to get 150 rs coin

  7. hi Kulraj,
    Where can i get the 150 Rs Rabindranath coin (Proof) now?
    if you have one, can i buy it from you.


  8. contact me if you want to buy Rabindranath tagore 150 rs coin set or 1000 rs coin set.