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Friday, October 8, 2010

France 2 Franc - II

2 Franc, 1923
2 franc 1923 chmaber commerceThe reverse shows the denomination, "Bon Pour" and "chamber de commerce de france ".

Explanation of "bon pour":
Leave it as such as it is a contract under the french legislation. You can add an explanation or a note :

Being in possession of the money the Notary will be able to deal with the signing of the final deed. He will read through the "acte authentique" and both the vendor and the purchaser will have to initial each page and sign the last page after writing in French "Bon pour accord". This means that you have understood the terms of the document and that you accept it. The Notary should then give you a receipt for the money transferred together with an "attestation de propriete" which certifies that you are the owner of the property conveyed. You will also be given the keys.

The chamber of commerce represents the business community of the country and promotes trade between France and other countries.

the obverse shows the date, Mercury seated with shield in hand and "commerce industrie" or the commerce industry of the country.

2 Franc, 1943
france 2 franc 1943Metal: aluminium
Diameter: 27mm

The axe is associated with France as there was this Germanic tribe, the Franks, in the European migration period, which used short a throwing axe as its primary weapon. They were also known as the throwing axemen.

2 Franc, 1941
france 2 franc 1941Metal: aluminium-bronze
Diameter: 27mm

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