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Sunday, December 19, 2010

England 1 penny - II

1 penny, 1913
england 1 penny 1922 george VMetal: Bronze
Diameter: 30.8mm
Ruler:George V
Reverse: Britannia seated

1 penny, 1964
england 1 penny 1964 elizabethMetal: Bronze
Diameter: 30.8mm
Ruler: Elizabeth II
Reverse: Britannia seated

Britannia is an ancient term for Great Britain, and also a female avatar of the country. The Roman empire began its conquest of Great Britain in 43 AD,they established a province called Britannia. The group of islands of and around Britain were called as Britannia on the name of the Roman colony. Later on Britannia came to be used for Britain alone, and the Celts were called Britons. Britannia was personified as a goddess armed with a shield and spear in the 2nd century, and this name and symbolism survived the withdrawal of the Romans in the fifth century.

1 penny, 1996
england 1 penny 1996Reverse shows a portcullis, an old gate used as a last line of defence in fortresses.