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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rajendra Prasad proof set

Rajendra Prasad proof set cover
rajendra prasad proof set cover Rajendra Prasad Proof set obverse
rajendra prasad proof set obverseReverse
rajendra prasad proof reverseComposition
rajendra prasad proof set compositionRajendra Prasad 100 rupee obverse
100 rupee rajendra prasad obvRajendra Prasad 100 rupee Reverse
100 rupee rajendra prasad proofRajendra Prasad 5 rupee
rajendra prasad 5 rupee proof In the Rajendra Prasad set we can find many errors and misprints here and there. Have a look at the following pictures for more details:
rajendra prasad error 1 1) It should be Rajendra Prasad Ki 125vin jayanti
rajendra prasad error 2) spelling of December are wrong.
rajendra prasad error

3) hyphen missing between dates

4) Should be in the past tense: kiya tha.

5)should be Bharat ki sarkar men.

6)spelling of gaon are wrong.

7)spelling of vishwavidyalay are wrong.

These are minor spelling or grammatical mistakes and there is no error on the coin. There would be no extra value for the coin set because of the error as this is not rare among the sets. (The error of Sagat Singh was a howler as the name of a national hero had been wrongly written and the production was stopped in between, and that case is rather well known by now I think). At the same time, these errors highlight the callousness on the part of the mint in the process of making these sets. Of late, they have been making a lot of sets through the year. This does put a hole in your pocket if you are a collector and looking to buy these many sets at that sort of rates. Personally, I am thinking of becoming picky on which sets to order from the mint so as to reduce the pressure on my pocket. Also, of late the sets coming from the mint are apparently compromised on the quality as the portrait on the coin lacks depth. I got one proof set in which the coating on the coin was missing/not properly done. All this makes you almost want to forget about collecting, and the interest is somewhat diminished.

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