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Saturday, January 22, 2011

England 10 pence

10 pence, 1979
england 10 pence 1979Weight: 11.31gm
Metal: copper-nickel
Diameter: 28.5mm
Obverse: Elizabeth young bust
Reverse: guardant lion passant crowned

10 pence, 1992
england 10 pence 1992

Former crest of England: guardant lion passant crowned
former crest england passant lion guardant crowned"This superb facsimile in fine pewter, is faithfully cast from a 15th century pewter original. As an heraldic beast, it is officially described as a 'lion passant guardant ". It is a powerful emblem that has been used since the 12th century as a symbol of support for the British monarchy . The warrior king, Richard the 1st, also known as Richard Couer de Lion(Richard the Lionheart), emblazoned his battle shield with three such lions, all in the same defiant posture which is on the current shield of England.

The origins of the original badge go back to the time of the Plantagenet Kings of England. Displaying an "open" crown and of particularly fine craftsmanship, it is almost certainly a Royal badge from the reign of Henry the 6th, who was crowned on November 6th 1429. Similar badges, from later Tudor England, display a "closed crown" upon a lion's head, the style which has survived in Royal Heraldry to the present day."

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