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Thursday, February 3, 2011

England Crown

Crown, royal wedding
england crown royal wedding
england crown royal weddingMetal: copper-nickel
Diameter: 38.5mm
Subject: wedding of prince Charles and lady Diana

Crown, silver jubilee of queen's reign
england crown 25 pence silver jubilee of reign
england 25 pence crown silver jubilee of reignDiameter: 38.5mm
Metal: copper-nickel
Obverse: Queen Elizabeth on horseback
Reverse: Eagle at center, crown at top.

The crown is well known for its size and bulk, being the largest coin to be circulated in recent times along with the Eisenhower dollar. It is equal to 25 cents as per the value in the decimal coinage system, though crown is also used as 5 pound coin. These crowns were released on some special occasions.

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