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Friday, March 25, 2011

Nepal 10 paisa

10 paisa, 1966
nepal 10 paisa 1966Metal: aluminium-bronze
Date: VS 2023= AD 1966
Obverse: crescent moon and sun flank trident

10 paisa, 1967
nepal 10 paisa 1967Metal: brass
Date: VS 2024= AD 1967

10 paisa, 1986
nepal 10 paisa 1986Metal: Aluminium
Diameter: 21.5mm
weight: 1.3 gm
Date: VS 2043 = AD 1986

10 paise, international women's year 1975
nepal 10 paisa international year of womenMetal: Brass
Subject: F.A.O. international women's year
Date: VS2032=AD1975
Reverse legend: "samanta vikas shanti" meaning equality, development and peace


  1. Its really awesome... I wanna know something....Do u have a 10 paise of year 2025B.S. cos I have that one missing and couldnt find it....can I see it?
    And yeah, I too like collecting coins....

  2. sorry i dont collect yearwise in foreign coins. I checked in the catalog, it says that 2025 10 paisa is rare.

  3. i have 10 paisa 1967 nepal call me 09926486317