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Friday, April 22, 2011

UNC set: 60 years of commonwealth

60 years commonwealth UNC set cover
60 years commonwealth unc cover
60 years commonwealth games unc obv
60 years commonwealth games unc rev60 years commonwealth 100 rupee obverse
60 years commonwealth 100 rupee obvReverse
60 years commonwealth 100 rupee rev
60 years commonwealth 5 rupee
60 years commonwealth 5 rupeeThe commonwealth of nations, also formerly referred to as the British commonwealth is comprised of 53 nations which were previously part of the British empire(except for Rwanda and Mozambique). It was noted as early as 1884 that the British empire was changing as the colonies were becoming more and more independent. In 1917, Jan Christian Smuts phrased the term 'British commonwealth of nations' along the lines of future relations between the constituent nations, and in 1919 the historic Versailles conference was held among delegates of the nations, and it was agreed upon that Britain and its dominions were equal in status and in no way subordinate to each other.

The stated aims of the commonwealth are democracy and development,human rights, gender equality and fight against poverty, disease and ignorance. At present the most visible commonwealth activity is the commonwealth games.

60 years commonwealth composition

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