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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Nepal Five rupee

Five rupee, Pashupatinath temple
nepal 5 rupee pashupatinath templePashupatinath temple
nepal pashupatinath templePashupati is one of the epithets of Lord Shiva. It translates to "Lord of animals". Pashupatinath is the most important shrine for Hindus all over Nepal as well as in other countries including India. Only Hindus(who believe in Pashupati) are allowed to enter in the temple, and all people not born in Nepal or India are considered non-Hindus. Non-Hindus are allowed to have a look at the temple from the other bank of Bagmati river.

According to the legend, it is not known for certain when the temple was founded, but it is said that Lord Shiva gained great fame here as Pashupati, or the Lord of the animals.

Five rupee, visit Nepal 1998
nepal 5 rupee visit nepal 1998

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