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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thailand 10 Baht - V

Thailand 10 Baht 60th anniversary of treasury department May 23, 1993
thailand 10baht 60 anniversary treasury department may23
thailand 10baht 60 anniversary treasury department may23Date: 2536 BE = 1993 AD

Thailand 10 Baht, King Rama IX anniversary of reign, twice as long on the throne
thailand 10baht rama ix anniversary reign june19
thailand 10 baht rama ix anniversary reign june19Metal:Nickel
Diameter: 32mm
Date: BE 2524 (1981 AD)

10 Baht, 60th anniversary - royal Thai language academy March 31
thailand 10 baht 60th anniversary royal thai language academy
thailand 10 baht 60 anniversary royal thai language academyMetal: Nickel
Diameter: 32mm
Date: 2537 BE=1994 AD

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