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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Turkey Kuru

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
mustafa kemal ataturk

5 new Kurus, 2008
turkey 5 kurus 2008Weight: 2.95gm
Metal: copper-nickel-zinc
Diameter: 17.1mm
Obverse: Head of Ataturk

25 new kurus, 2007
turkey 25 kurus 2007Weight: 5.3gm
Metal: copper-nickel-zinc
Obverse: Head of Ataturk facing

50 new Kurus, 2005
turkey 50 kurus 2005Weight: 7gm
Metal: Bimetallic copper-nickel-zinc centre in nickel-bronze ring
Diameter: 23.8mm
Obverse: Head of Ataturk

Note that in 2005, 100 thousand old Lira became equivalent of 1 new Lira. This was done due to rampant inflation and to give the nearly valueless currency some worth. Also, 100 Kurus= 1 Lira so 1 new Kuru=1000 old Lira.

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