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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ratlam one paisa

Ratlam is one of the important Districts of Madhya Pradesh Which is situated in the North West part of the State "The MALWA" Region.The rajas of Ratlam were Rathor Rajputs, descendants of the younger branch of the Jodhpur ruling family. Ratlam became the premier Rajput state in Western Malwa. The founder, Ratan Singh, received the territory as a grant from Shah Jahan in 1631. The New Town of Ratlam was founded by Captain Borthwick in 1829 with regular and broadened streets and well built houses. Before Maratha collapse some 15% of the state revenue went to Sindhia as tribute, and later it came under British influence. In 1948, the district of Ratlam was created and it became a part of the present Madhya Pradesh.

These coins were struck during the reign of Raja Ranjit Singh(1864-1893 AD) of Ratlam.

Ranjit Singh of Ratlam
ranjit singh ratlam

Ratlam one paisa, thin planchet
ratlam one paisa thin planchetDate: 1945 VS = 1888AD

Ratlam one paisa, thick planchet
ratlam one paisa hanumanDate: 1945 VS = 1888 AD

Never mind the number of "East India company" coins with pictures of Hanuman, Ram, Sita, Shiva and what not on them, this one is a genuine coin of Ratlam minted in 1888AD.

Apart from Hanuman, another object of interest in the portrait is the 'star' directly above the head of Hanuman. That is supposedly the star of India, an order of chivalry founded by queen Victoria in 1861, since Ranjit Singh was also a recipient of the star.

A few years after the mutiny of 1857, it was decided by the British crown to create a new order of knighthood to honour the princes as well as the administrating officers or governors in India as a recognition of their loyalty to the British crown.

The following proclamation was thus passed by the queen:
"The Queen, being desirous of affording to the Princes, Chiefs and People of the Indian Empire, a public and signal testimony of Her regard, by the Institution of an Order of knighthood, whereby Her resolution to take upon Herself the Government of the Territories in India may be commemorated, and by which Her Majesty may be enabled to reward conspicuous merit and loyalty, has been graciously pleased, by Letters Patent under the Great Seal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, to institute, erect, constitute, and create, an Order of Knighthood, to be known by, and have for ever hereafter, the name, style, and designation, of "The Most Exalted Order of the Star of India."

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, KCSI
sir syed ahmed khanNote that the star of India was bestowed in three classes and KCSI(Knight commander star of India) was one of them.

Ghanshyamji Ajitsinghji of Dhragandhra wearing the star
ghanshyam ajitsingh of dhragandhra


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