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Friday, July 6, 2012

1000 years of Brihadeshwara temple bookings

1000 years of Brihadeshwara temple mint bookings

brihadeshwara temple bookings
So, finally the Mumbai mint has opened the bookings for the long awaited 1000 rupee coin commemorating the 1000 years of the Brihadeshwara temple. This was in the pipeline for an eternity, for more than an year and I had also seen the VIP set of this one at  a Delhi philatelic exhibition last year . So now you can have for yourself the first ever 1000 rupee coin to be released by the government of India.


  1. I just ordered one! But wasn't the expected rate of the coin somewhere close to a INR 30K? Is this low rated now?

  2. Its upto you whether you want to believe any gossip/rumours or hard evidence like newspaper advertisements. Anyway you should be happy the costing is low and within your budget.

  3. Hello Kulraj Singh !!

    i ordered this coin set in July 2012.

    i would like to know when will i be getting this coin from the Mint?

    how can i follow up with the delivery ?

  4. Thanks for your comment.But is their any way i can follow up my coin Booking ?I have my coin booking number.i tried calling the Mumbai Mint, but they are not responding.
    thanks once again sir.

  5. wait a while you will get. even if you call or mail they dont give proper response

  6. Hi,

    I have also applied for a coin in August and still waiting for the delivery. Can someone tell when will i get the coin

  7. I applied for the coin sometime around the end of July and I have received the coin 3 weeks ago.

    1. Hi.. I am interested in one of this coins.. can any one sell it to me pls.. you can mesg me or call me on 9841645151. Thank