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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Victoria empress coppers

Victoria empress half pice 1901

victoria empress half pice 1901

Victoria empress quarter anna 1880

victoria empress 1880 quarter anna
This one is a scarce date in Victoria empress quarter anna, having a mintage of about 12 million. copper oxidizes very easily so its tough to get a UNC copper, especially in Victoria. And thats the reason why item like the one shown above can be pricey.

Victoria empress half anna 1877

victoria empress half anna 1877

victoria half anna 1877

The Victoria half anna was minted in 1862,1875,1876 and finally in 1877. The Victoria empress half anna was minted only in 1877 and is scarce, especially in good condition. For the ignorant, not knowing is bliss as one would think that a copper item cannot have high value. But these are now worth a significant sum, and are not easy to get by any means.


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  3. Hi,

    Any idea of how much a Half Anna coin of 1875 be worth ?
    In circulated condition.


  4. I refrain from price discussions here.

  5. Kulraj,Im intrested in the 1901 1/2 pice unc u posted, email me at

  6. Hi
    I want to know the price of the following 1 rupee coins
    1. Jawahar Lal nehru 1964
    2. Mahatma Gandhi 1969
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    5. 150 yr of indian post 2004

  7. Mere pas bhi he ak coin Victoria empress 1\2 pice india 1901 bala