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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ludovicus I silvers

Ludovicus I uma(one) rupia 1882

portuguese india uma rupia
portuguese india one rupee

Ludovicus Meia(half) rupee, 1881

portuguese india meia rupia 1881

Ludovicus quarto rupia, 1881

ludovicus quarto rupia 1881

Ludovicus Oitavo(1/8) Rupia,1881

ludovicus oitavo rupia 1881
The Oitavo rupia is equivalent to the 2 anna issued in British India in terms of metal content, value and buying power.

These coins are part of the coinage of Portuguese India, which was basically the dominion of Portugal in Goa. Unlike the British Indian coins, these coins are strongly European, giving no concession to India as per the features or design incorporated. The British coinage in India did have some Indian features like Indian languages : Hindi, Urdu/Persian and sometimes Bengali and/or Tamil, but these items are devoid of any such features. The obverse shows the ruler, Ludovicus I or Luis I of Portugal and the coat of arms, dominion and the denomination on the reverse. Needless to say, the one rupee is scarce and the fractions are rare, so its hard to make this set.                                      


  1. hi sir..........please post the present rate for these 3 coins

  2. I discourage any price discussions here. Thank you.

  3. fantastic publish, very informative.

  4. Do u buy old coins? I have few portuguese coins for sale....