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Saturday, April 20, 2013

One rupee coins - XII

RBI 1 rupee
1 rupee Rbi platinum jubilee
This one rupee coin was released in 2010 to commemorate the platinum jubilee of the Reserve Bank of India.  Among its other functions, the RBI also distributes coins to the general public. The lion and palm tree on the reverse is symbolic of the RBI.

1 rupee 1982, small
1 rupee 1982 small

Just could not resist putting up this one. Any average collector would be able to tell you that this looks different than the normal 1 rupee circulated coins. In fact, this is probably the rarest circulated coin of republic India, that is if you are not counting the pattern coins in republic India. The large 1 rupee (8gm) was minted till 1982, and the small one rupee was started from 1983. But before the first mass circulated issues in 1983, this one was struck in small quantity as an "experimental issue". There are also many fakes in this item which may be difficult to identify for the uninitiated, but once you see the original item it may be easily identified. The '2' in the date 1982 is slightly different from how it appears on other issues and it has been a cause of several controversies. Rather, the fake coins in this item are tooled forgeries where they tool the '3' in 1983 to make it look like 1982. But that can be easily identified as the lion and the legend on the obverse on this one is significantly larger than the other issues and that leaves lesser space on the border. This creates a distinctive hexagonal shape as can be seen on the coin and that is what it makes this item definitely very unique and the object of desire for every collector!