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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Variants in Victoria quarter rupee

Victoria 1/4 rupee, 1862
victoria quarter rupee 1862

Weight: 2.92gm
Silver : 91.7%
Type: A/I

Obverse types:
See the Victoria bust on obverse. See the number of horizontal panels in the dress on the left end of the bust. The number of  panels gives us the type of the bust design

TypeA(4 panels)

Type B(3.75 panels)

Type C(3 panels)

Reverse types:

Look at the bud on reverse at 12 o'clock 

Type I
Note the bud pattern, which is a little curved. B incuse is for Bombay mint

Also look at the line between 1 and 4. The first type has a longer line.

Type II

 Note the flat bud design.

Note the shorter line between 1 and 4


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