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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Malaysian sen

Malaysia's currency is ringgit/dollar. And 1/100th part of a ringgit is a sen.

1 sen , 2007
malaysian 1 sen 2007
Metal: bronze clad steel
Obverse: denomination dividing date below flower
Reverse: drum

5 sen, 1973
malaysian 5 sen 1973
Metal: Copper-nickel
Obverse: denomination, country and date

10 sen, 2007
malaysian 10 sen 2007
Metal: copper-nickel
Diameter: 19.3mm
Obverse: denomination dividing date below flower
Reverse: Malay traditional game congkak

10 sen, 1981
malaysian 10 sen 1981

20 sen , 1990
malaysian 20 sen 1990

The flower shown on these coins is the national flower of Malaysia, the Hibiscus, or the Bunga Raya. The flower was chosen to be the national flower of Malaysia as it was abundantly found in Malaysia and the first prime minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman chose it to be the national flower in 1960.

There are many varieties of this flower but the five petalled Hibiscus was chosen over the others as it is most symbolically relevant. The five petals symbolize the Rukungera(five principles of nationhood)  and the colour red symbolizes courage. The flower also has a number of medicinal and cosmetic uses. It is believed that the flower first arrived in Malaysia via trade from its original home in the Far East sometime before the 12th century.


  1. Hi,

    To add to that. The one sen is the second design, where the first design bore the same image of 10 sen.

    5 and 10 sen is the first design, where the building is the Malaysian parliament. The star and the moon are from national flag.

    That particular basket on 20 sen is traditional malay betelnut basket with its accessories.

  2. Hi,

    to add something more.

    The reverse of the 10 sen coin is not a ceremonial table, it's a board of an ancient traditional board game called congkak.

    Salvador from Catalonia (EU)

  3. our hal coin collaction is old.ur 5 sen,10sen,20aens are renew in 1989.

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  5. Have a 20 sen 2001 coin found in US. Can anyone tell me what its value to the US or to you is.

  6. 10 sen 2007 is not the ceremonial is the congkak board...

    1. You are correct! Its a Malay traditional game, the name is congkak.

  7. how much is 20 sn in america

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