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Monday, March 2, 2009

singapore dollar

The current series shows the Singapore coat of arms on the obverse, and a floral theme on the reverse.

Five cents, 1995
singapore 5 cents 1995
Metal: aluminium-bronze
Diameter: 16.25mm
Reverse: fruit salad plant
Edge: reeded

10 cents, 1986
singapore 10 cents 1986
Weight: 2.85gm
Metal: copper-nickel
Diameter: 19.4mm
Reverse: star jasmine plant above value
Edge: reeded

50 cents, 1995
singapore 50 cents 1995
Metal: copper-nickel
Reverse: yellow Alamanda plant above value

1 dollar, 1989
singapore one dollar 1989
Metal: Copper-nickel
Reverse: periwinkle flower

Using elements from the national flag, the Singapore coat of arms symbolizes the current state and honours its cultural links with Malaysia.

The Symbolism: The central emblem of the coat of arms is a red shield with five white stars resting above a white crescent. The crescent and five stars are also used on the Singapore flag and other various national symbols. The symbolism of the red colour, along with the white crescent and stars is the same as that of the national flag. The supporters of the shield are a lion and a tiger; the tiger symbolizes the historical connections to Malaysia, and the lion symbolizes Singapore. Below the supporters is a blue ribbon with the national motto, "Majulah Singapura" written in gold. This means "onward Singapore" in Malay. This is also the title of the national anthem of Singapore.

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