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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Two rupee coins: Republic India-II

2 rupee, 2005

2 rupee, 2006

In this two rupee coin, the obverse shows a "double plus" symbol with four dots on each side instead of the usual lion capital or the map of India. This symbol is believed to be a Christian cross, introduced on the coins through the RBI by the tsarina, the ElizabethI of India. A lot of hue and cry was raised as the symbol was believed to be a Christian cross , even though officially the theme of this coin is 'unity in diversity', and Mr. Narendra Modi has gone to lengths bringing this symbol on the rupee to the notice of the prople, causing the RBI to withhold the mintage of this design of the Indian rupee with the "cross". This rupee with the cross was minted only for the years 2005, 2006 & 2007 and after that this rupee was withdrawn.

What is the difference between the Christian Cross seen on 2 Rupee Coins minted in 2006 and 1 Rupee Coins minted in 2005? The Christian Cross put into the 2 Rupee Coins issued in 2006 was supposedly a calculated and mischievous pseudo-secular experiment deriving its sanction from Suppressio Veri Suggestio Falsi (suppression of truth and suggestion of falsehood) for which the UPA Government in general and the Congress Party in particular own global monopolistic patents. Perhaps there was an element or grain of vagueness about it. Such vagueness or ambiguity or ambivalence as existed about the Christian Cross on the 2 Rupee Coins of 2006, was completely removed in respect of the 1 Rupee Coins of 2005. The Christian Cross inscribed on the 1 Rupee Coins of 2005 makes it loud and clear that it is a routine Christian Cross.

The 1 Rupee Coin minted in 2005 bearing the ‘Christian Crusader’s Cross’ resembles the Gold Coin issued by Louis the Pious (778 AD-840 AD), also known as Louis I, Louis the Fair, and Louis the Debonaire. He was Emperor and King of France from 814 to his death in 840. He issued a coin bearing a Christian Crusader’s Cross which has been copied by the Mint Master who included the same Cross on one side of the new 1 Rupee coin minted in 2005.

When there was a massive public outcry against these Christian Coins, the UPA Government quietly withdrew these coins from circulation.

All that being said, I still support the current government since lots of progress has been there in the last 5 years; it doesnt matter to me if the above symbol is a christian cross or not.

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2 rupee, bio diversity:1993
2 rupee bio diversity
The reverse of this coin shows some mountains, plants, sun, clouds and some living beings like birds or fish. The inscription in Hindi reads " vishwa khadya diwas jaiwik vividhta" which means world food day biodiversity. This is also one of the themes of the food and agricultural organization or the F.A.O. , published in Rome and emphasizing on understanding the importance of the natural resources and managing and utilising nature's diversity with efficiency and preserving it for the posterity.

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization is highlighting biological diversity as a key to ending world hunger. VOA's Peter Heinlein reports on World Food Day observances Monday at U.N. headquarters in New York.

The Food and Agriculture Organization is warning that crops and animal species are fast disappearing from the earth.FAO officials estimate that over the past century, more than three quarters of the genetic diversity of agricultural crops has been lost. Today, just 12 crops and 14 animal species provide most of the world food.

At a World Food Day observance, FAO chief Jacques Diouf told an international audience that the shrinking gene pool means fewer opportunities for growth and breakthroughs in agriculture.

"No one can predict the future," he said. "No one knows which traits from which species may hold the key to tomorrow's agricultural breakthrough. For this reason we must preserve as much as we can of the world agricultural biodiversity."

Mr. Diouf said he remains hopeful of reaching the U.N. goal of cutting in half the number of people suffering from hunger by 2015. He said for many poor farmers, the diversity of life may be their best protection against starvation.

"While we all depend on biodiversity, the people who rely most directly on it and who are most immediately affected by its loss are the roughly 900 million extremely poor men, women and children who live in rural areas," she said. "There, in the Great Lakes valleys of Africa, in the forests of the Amazon or in the vital river systems of Southeast Asia, women and men farmers apply their formidable experience to harvest plants, raise livestock and fish every day to ensure their families food security."

The U.N. observance also featured a video-conference link between farmers and school children who are participating in a pilot project linking school gardens in Latin America, Africa and the United States.

World Food Day was proclaimed in 1979 to heighten public awareness of the challenges of hunger, malnutrition and poverty.


  1. Hey Kulraj, I found a slight discrepancy here. You said the Double cross 2 rs coins were only issued for 2005 and 2006. I have a double cross 2 rs coin from the year 2007! I dont think its fake. What do you think ?

  2. oh ya, it was minted in 2007 also.
    my bad.

  3. Kulraj bayya
    NATIONAL SECURITY is more important than DEVELOPMENT

    NATIONAL SECURITY is not alone protecting the
    it is protecting........

  4. Kulraj bayya
    NATIONAL SECURITY is more important than DEVELOPMENT

    NATIONAL SECURITY is not alone protecting the
    it is protecting NATIONAL




    AND whatever it is


    If you want more development you can surrender your country to our neighbour
    which is far ahead of us and they will take us along with them and their development


    how can you be so indifferent and supportive
    for kepping a plus(+)symbol on coins.
    Every country develops with passage of time

    For a country like india with free market policies DEVELOPMENT is INEVITABLE

  5. I dont see how the national security is related to a stupid + sign on the coin. Do you know that the theme of these coins is "unity in diversity" and again, nothing to do with development. What you are talking is no more than crap.

    And if you talk of china, it is true that we are way behind them, but why the hell we need to surrender to them? Why don't we make a firm decision to progress through our own will, our own skills and our own hard work? Or are we so corrupt that we have given up on overtaking china and are only focusing on filling our pockets? that is the question.

    If china can be a dominant force, why cant we do so without having to grovel before anyone like a dog? Be it our boss or be it some country like China or US, isn't this high time we achieved a lot more that we doing right now without having to ask for any favor? Nothing to belittle our own, but I strongly disagree that we have to bow to anyone to progress.

  6. although I dont support the + sign or the finger and thumb design on our coins these days because the design is very poor. I think we can do with better looking designs.

  7. my concern is about cross(+) symbol?

    even though the congress(sonia) is doing bad things you are supporting it and justifying it in the name of development

    how can a cross represent unity in diversity?

    she is foreign born woman and foreign grown woman like china which is foreign to us.

    its up to you which government you support

    thanks for providing info on coins

  8. its all a matter of interpretation. Many people are saying its a cross though officially the theme is unity in diversity. (Can you tell me whats the theme of the 1,2 rupee coins with fingers?)
    1)What are the bad things Sonia is doing?
    2)She is foreign born. So what, now she is citizen of India, is she not?
    3)Read my comment carefully, i said i do not support the plus sign.
    4)When did I link it to development, only you are doing so.

    You need to see clearly here and not get fixated on the "its a cross symbol" syndrome. I do not support or criticize any symbol or any person, but I hate it when some issue is being made out of nothing. Do we have nothing better to do?

  9. your blog very nice.

  10. Abhinandan!!!!! Kulraj Bhai &
    Abhinandan!!!!! To your MA and PAPAJI
    for giving Birth to Real Desh Bhakt.
    For You & Our NATION
    My SALUTE JAI HIND !!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. (1982) 2 rupees national integration coin bechna he.watsap mi 9403904456

  12. 1993 would food day 2 rupees coins,2005,2006 doubal plus 2 rupees coins bechne he.watsap mi 9403904456

  13. Kulraj Bhai
    today I am in receipt of 2 rs bio diversity coin of Calcutta mint!!! I have gone all through My lense , Microscope but there is no stain of any mint mark. Coin is very good in condition.

  14. What is the actual current selling price of Rs 2 coin of national integration? It is more then 1 lakh? Pls reply Kulraj pra ...