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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Indian 10 rupee-Bimetal

10 rupee, 2006

10 rupee, 2008
10 rupee 2008
This 10 rupee coin is minted on the theme connectivity and information technology. The seed of the information technology revolution was sowed in India in 1980s with the advent of people like Narayan Murthy and companies like Infosys. Now, the government has acknowledged the role of information technology in providing people with employment and increasing the GDP of the country. The acknowldgment has come in the form of the 5 rupee coin with the wave pattern and this 10 rupee coin.

The new bimetallic 10 rupee coins are good on the eye and are light, but they lack detail and blind people find it hard to identify the coin by rubbing fingers on them. The two metallic rings clearly look different, whereas they should seem to be one coin only with two different colours. The outer golden ring is aluminium-bronze and the inner blank is nickel and copper. The weight of these coins is 7.7 grams and the diameter 27mm.

Though bimetallic coins are very common in most countries, this is the first time that a bimetallic coin has been released in India. This has caused massive craze among common people for these coins and many stupid people are stockpiling this coin, thinking that it has high value, or maybe its value would be way higher in the times to come. People have hoarded this coin by the hundereds, even thousands, and because of this reason this coin cannot be found in circulation.

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  1. Hey,

    Your blog is really good and informative!

    I share the same hobby too. Though my collection is not as good as yours. I was wondering if you would know where I could get more coins/currency to add to my collection as i'm very eager to do so!

    Would appreciate it!

    Thanks in advance.

    ankittc [at]

  2. you haven't entered the information about ten rupee 1947-72

  3. check under categories > India republic:10 rupee > Indian 10 rupee-silver

  4. i have a coin which is from 1835 east india company... i don't know the denomination...
    do you know what its value might be?
    and i have a 10 rupee bi metallic coin, which i don't see in circulation and is rare... what would its value be?
    and 1 rupee notes from 1990... its value?

  5. Is the 10 rupee 15 sunrays 2010(no dot) rare ? What is the approx price of the coin.

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  7. what is the value of ole hundred rupee note bearing globe with eagle signed by deshmuk

  8. wwaste and boring colection because i have a good and beter ten rupee different coins

  9. Is the 10 rupee 15 sunrays 2008(no dot) rare ? What is the approx price of the coin.

  10. Currently, 10Rupee coin of 2008 creating confusion among the people after creation of rumor that such coins are fake. Comparison is being made with the coins circulated after 2011 containing Rupee symbol. Electronic media is flooded with this news. Can u give some light on this.

  11. I have 50 pasa of mahatma gandhi