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Monday, December 21, 2009

USSR Rouble - V

1 Rouble: Moscow olympics 1980
ussr 1 rouble moscow olympics 1980
Diameter: 31mm
Metal: copper-nickel

1 Rouble: 20 years of world war II victory
ussr 1 rouble 20 years world war 2Obverse: Odin rouble, meaning one rouble beneath CCCP (the russian equivalent of USSR) and the national insignia.
Theme: 20 years of the victory in the second world war over Germany
Year: 1945+20=1965

1 Rouble: 70 years of the Bolshevik revolution
1 rouble ussr 70 years of revolution
The diameter os the one rouble coins: 31mm. This one marks 70 years of the revolution in 1917. So this was minted in 1987. On the reverse we can see the year 1917. We can also see 70 let , with let meaning years in Russian, the soviet symbol of hammer and sickle. USSR was a communist country. The hammer symbolizes the worker or the labourer and the sickle stands for the farmer.

The ship shown in the picture is most probably Admiral Gorshkov, the aircraft carrier of the soviet union.

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