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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Indian coin set circa 1950s

1 rupee, 1954
1 rupee 1954
Half anna, 1950
half anna 1950 bull
One anna , 1950

india one anna 1950
2 anna, 1950

india 2 anna 1955
1/4 rupee, 1955

india 1/4 rupee 1955Written at top: char ana meaning four annas

1/2 rupee, 1955

half rupee 1955
1 rupee, 1950

1 rupee 1950When India became a republic in 1950, the anna series was adopted for coinage purposes. 1 rupee consisted of 16 annas. As you can see clearly in this series, the denomination keeps on decreasing by a factor of two: one rupee, half rupee, quarter rupee(4 annas), two annas, one anna and half anna. All the fractions were consistently minted , with the one anna and two anna coins of 1955 coming under the category of low mintage coins; and are therefore rare and also having very high value. This design of one rupee was minted only in 1950 and1954, and that too only in the Bombay mint. After that one rupee coin came out only in 1962. The anna series was discontinued in 1955 and it was replaced by the naya paisa series in 1957. The designers had experimented with a one rupee coin reading "sau naye paise" meaning 100 new paise in 1960. Only 3 such pieces are known to have been minted and 1 such coin recently sold at an auction for 2.2 lakh rupees.


  1. Just came across your blog...nice one..interesting:)
    since when are you collecting these coins? Do you sell them also?

    1. I Have one coin of rs 1 of 1950. as same in the pic. anyone wants pls contact-9883340687

  2. Been collecting for about 17-18 months now Not selling for now, at least for the next 6 months or so. Maybe after that...

  3. hie kulraj...can u tell me wat is the recent valuation of 1 rs 1950....

  4. hi kulraj 1954 1rs coin recent value tell me

  5. i have 100 2 anna(1950) tell me current value......

  6. hey kulraj, plz tel d price of 2anna coin of 1955 bombay mint... want 2 buy it, thnx -nishant

  7. I can give you in 50k. will send pics if you give me your email ID.

  8. Replies
    1. tell me the offered price.i have one coin of 1950.

  9. hey which is the rarest and costliest coin and currency note of india?

  10. i want some foreign coins. so plz tell me which coins are for sale.

  11. Can you tell me what's the current value of 2 anna 1954 coin?

  12. wat is cost 1/2 rupees coin?

  13. Replies
    1. 1/2 rupee Is it nickle coin

  14. hey kulraj i have 1950 1 rs coin and 6 deer 5 rs note can you please tell me the value

  15. hi Koolraj can u buy my 1 Rs 1954 em@il id
    call me 9932045749

  16. i have 1rs 1950 old big coin i want to sell,

  17. Hey I hav set of 1/2 anna,1 anna,and 2 anna wid bull full set..can u tell me d price plzzz....

  18. i have 1/4 charanna 1955 coin. what is current market value??

  19. i have a One and half coin means 1/2 rupess year is 1956.... whats is current price

  20. i have a One and half coin means 1/2 rupess year is 1956.... whats is current price?