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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Republic India fakes - 2

Subhash Chandra Bose
subhash chandra bose netaji 1 rupee 1997Does this picture look funny to you? The Subhash Chandra Bose face has been made out to be very roly poly, and his cap is very small and squat; whereas in the original his person looks good. This one is also a "wrong denomination" fake. Subhash Chandra Bose coins were released in denomination of 2 rupee and not in 1 rupee. Also noteworthy is the spelling of 'Bose" in this one: the 'e' is missing.

Fisheries 1 rupee
1 rupee fisheries
One of the few fakes which can be recognized on the basis of wrong denomination. Fisheries commemoratives were released in 20 paisa and 50 paisa denominations, but never in the 1 rupee denomination. I would not say that this one rupee fisheries coin is ugly, but all the same it is not a neat forgery. Someone with a limited knowledge of coins or someone who is a beginner as a numismatist should be able to declare this one as a fake.

1971 food for all 20 paisa
sun lotus 20 paise 1971 food for allVery ugly fakes. These 20 paisa coins are once again very poor forgeries as they are ugly enough to be easily recognized. How they came to be, is an interesting story. The 1970 sun and lotus 20 paisa brass coin acts a little pricey for its face value as a number of the brass 20 paisa coins were melted as people thought them to be made of gold. In 1971, the sun and lotus 20 paisa was not released for circulation but was only in the UNC and proof sets. The UNC set had a 10 rupee coin and a 20 paisa coin and is now valued at above 13,000 rupees. The proof set had the fore mentioned two and also lower denomination coins from 1 rupee to 1 paisa. Some of those UNC sets were broken and the 10 rupee and the 20 paisa coins were also sold loose. I estimate the value of 1971 10 rupee food for all to be about 4000 rupees and the 20 paisa coin would cost about 1000 rupees if sold loose. Such high valuation may have caused some people to fake this one.

Personally, I would not like to buy that 20 paisa coin as it was not in circulation. Nor would I buy that set at that high a price.

'1972' food for all 20 paisa with sun and lotus
sun lotus 20 paise 1972 food for allAnother bad fake. Unlike the 1971 food for all 20 paisa shown before this one, the 1972 food for all 20 paisa showing the sun and the lotus was never released by the government mints, either for circulation or in any UNC or proof sets. So, if and when you happen to come across a food for all 20 paisa showing the sun and lotus with the date reading as 1972, IT IS UNDOUBTEDLY A FAKE, no matter how good the forgery may be or how neat and clean it may look.

The set released in 1972 was on the occasion of 25 years of independence and it had nothing to do with food for all.


  1. Great reviews and details bhaai.. In fact for some early issues and After republic releases, we can refer to rbi site: [] on the left pane, it gives complete details of early/republic, british etc. But I don't feel info given is complete, as several issues are not present there. [leave commemorative issues] some examples are 100 Rupees note with elephants; 2 Rupees note with tiger-face-only, etc. I've seen them on circulation, but note sure if they are fake.

  2. iwant to this coin... can u give me this coin...
    plzz.. contact

  3. Hi,

    I need help with something -When I was a kid, I used to collect a few many coins, just for the sake of various reverse designs. I have three 20 paise coins with the lotus symobl one dated 1970 and 2 from 1971 - They do not have the words "Food for all" though, making me wonder if they are fake?

  4. You have given very valuable information about fake coins. I have come across some other fake coins and paper notes. I want someone to confirm, if they are fake or not. May I seek your help.
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