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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bosnia & Herzegovina Konvertible Marka

Bosnia-Herzegovina 1 marka 2006
bosnia herzegovina 1 marka 2006The Bosnia Herzegovina 1 marka shows the Bosnian coat of arms on the obverse.

Bosnia-Herzegovina 2 marka, 2003
bosnia herzegovina 2 konvertible marka 2003
Bosnia-Herzegovina 5 Konvertible Marka, 2009
bosnia herzegovina 5 konvertible marka 2009
bosnia herzegovina 5 konvertible markaThe Bosnia-Herzegovina 2 and 5 marka coins are bimetals and they feature a dove carrying an olive branch, which is a symbol of peace. This shows the country's yearning for peace as it has been torn by war for a long time now. It can also be called "No man's land", and there was also this oscar winning movie which went by the name of 'No Man's Land' from Bosnia-Herzegovina. Also, because of the country being caught up in war for a long time, the coins of the country are hard to get from a collector's point of view. The face value of a Bosnia set is about 330 rupees and it would sell in the market for about 3 times the face value.

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  1. Kulraj... hope u heard about Ramatankha..., any info about that.. market rate and all...