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Thursday, September 2, 2010

South Africa Rand

South Africa 1 Rand, 2007
south africa 1 rand 2007The obverse shows a springbok and the reverse shows the coat of arms of South Africa.

The inscription at the bottom reads "soli deo gloria". Soli Deo gloria is one of the five solas propounded to summarize the Reformers' basic beliefs during the Protestant Reformation; it is a Latin term for Glory to God alone.The doctrine states essentially that everything that is done is for God's glory to the exclusion of humankind's self-glorification and pride. Christians are to be motivated and inspired by God's glory and not their own.

2 Rand, 2004
south africa 2 rand 2004

5 Rand, 2006
soth africa 5 rand 2006Obverse shows a wildbeast and the reverse shows the coat of arms of South Africa.

The coat of arms of South Africa shows the secretary bird in flight at the top, two people meeting hands at the middle and a motto at the bottom. The motto /ke e: /xarra /ke is written in the Khoisan language of the /Xam people and translates literally to "diverse people unite". The previous motto, in Latin, was Ex unitate vires, translated as "unity is strength". The secretary bird is a predatory bird endemic to Africa, and is found in the Sub-Saharan plains of Africa. It features on the coat of arms of Sudan and South Africa.

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