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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Italy Lira - I

100 Lira, 1977
italy 100 lire 1977Weight: 8 gm
Metal: stainless steel
Diameter: 27.8mm

200 Lire, Genova stamps convention 1992
italy 200 lira genova stamps expo 1992This one was released on the occasion of the 1992 Genova stamps convention.

200 Lire, 1979
italy 200 lire 1979Weight: 5gm
Metal: Aluminium-Bronze
Diameter: 24mm
Reverse: Value within gear

500 Lire, 1984
italy 500 lire 1984Do you think that this one is another run-of-the-mill coin? Not many would know I think, but this is the first bimetallic coin to be widely used in circulation. The cost of making a bimetallic coin is higher than a normal coin, so mostly only the higher value coins are bimetals. The Reverse shows the Plaza Di San Marco.

Plaza Di San Marco, Venice
plaza di san marco venice

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