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Friday, November 26, 2010

Italy Lira - II

10 Lira, 1968
italy 10 lira 1968Weight: 1.6gm
Metal: aluminium
Diameter: 23.25mm

20 Lira, 1958
italy 20 lira 1958Weight: 3.6gm
Metal: Aluminium-Bronze
Diameter: 21.25mm
Obverse: wheat sprigs within head
Reverse: oat leaves by value

50 Lira, 1978
italy 50 lira 1978The 50 Lira coin shows Vulcan, the god of fire on the obverse. Vulcan is associated with beneficial and hindering fire, and also the fire of volcanoes which comes from beneath. Fire has always been worshipped as it can cause destruction to the harvested grain, but can also be beneficial when we are facing an opponent.

vulcan god of fire

1 comment:

  1. I have a 50 lira. I found it in a roll of Canadian quarters when I was doing my laundry.