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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Armenia dram - I

100 dram, 2003
armenia 100 dram 2003Weight: 4gm
Metal: nickel plated steel
Diameter: 22.5mm
Obverse: national coat of arms

200 dram, 2003
armenia 200 dram 2003Weight: 4.5gm
Metal: brass
Diameter: 24mm

500 dram, 2003
armenia 500 dram 2003Weight: 5gm
Metal: bimetallic copper-nickel centre in brass ring
Diameter: 22mm
Edge: segmented reeding
Obverse: national arms

The Dram derives its name from the Greek Drachma, one of the earliest copper currencies. The name Dram has not been conjured overnight as we had a currency called Dram from 1199 to 1375, when silver coins called Drams were issued in medieval Armenia. Rubles were used in Armenia until the break up of the USSR in 1991. The Dram came to be used as a currency in 1993 which had an exchange rate of 200 rubles to 1 Dram (or 14.5 Dram to 1 US$).

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