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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Armenia Dram - II

10 dram, 1994
armenia 10 dram 1994Weight: 2.3gm
Metal: Aluminium
Diameter: 28mm

20 dram, 2003
armenia 20 dram 2003Weight:2.8gm
Metal: copper plated steel
Diameter: 20.5mm

50 dram, 2003
armenia 50 dram 2003Weight: 3.45gm
Metal: brass plated steel
Diameter: 21.5mm

Armenia coat of arms
armenia coat of arms
The Armenian coat of arms consists of a lion and an eagle on a shield. These are ancient symbols taken from the first Armenian kingdoms dating back to before the birth of Christ.

The shield itself consists of many symbols, with the one at the centre being mount Ararat with Noah's ark on its top. Noah's ark is said to have landed on the top of mount Ararat after the great flood. Ararat is considered to be a national symbol of Armenia. The two eagles looking at each other(bottom left) symbolize the length and breadth of Armenia. In the upper left, we can see a lion with a cross, which was the symbol of the Bagratuni dynasty, which was later destroyed by the expanding Byzantine empire. In the upper right, there is a two headed eagle, symbol of the Arsacid dynasty, the first dynasty of a Christian Armenia. The last symbol is again a lion with a cross, symbol of the Rubenid dynasty, which prospered in the 12th and 13th centuries until the Mamelukes and Turks overtook it.

The lion and the eagle were chosen because of their power, wisdom, courage, patience and nobility among the animals.

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