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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Isle of Man - world's first pyramid coin

World's first pyramid coin Cover
isle of man world's first pyramid coin 1 crownThe cover shows Howard Carter, the Englishman who discovered and played a major role in the excavation of king Tutankhamun's tomb almost 100 years ago. Tutankhamun's tomb had a large number of treasures, both archaeological and otherwise intact as the tomb had not been found by grave robbers through the centuries.
isle of man world first pyramid coinIsle of Man 1 Crown (First pyramid coin)
isle of man world first pyramid coin 1 crown
isle of man pyramid coin 1 crownThis Isle of Man 1 Crown is made of copper and is touted to be the first ever pyramid coin. The shape is actually not a pyramid but a rounded triangle, and it has the theme of the pyramid of tutankhamun, the most famous Egyptian ruler who died at the young age of 13. The design includes various symbols taken from the pictorial language of ancient Egypt which can be found engraved in the pyramids, and the obverse also shows a mummy, something which has always been associated with the pyramids. Minted in 2008, this one has queen Elizabeth II as the ruler. This one was released by the Pobjoy mint, which is also Europe's leading private mint and produces legal tender as well as medals and tokens for various governments and banks throughout the world. The Pobjoy mint is located in Surrey, England.

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