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Friday, February 25, 2011

England one pound - III

1 pound, Celtic cross
1 pound celtic crossThe design on the reverse shows a Celtic cross, the broighter torc and pimpernel, all of which are a representation of Ireland. The pimpernel is a genus of 20-25 species of flowering plants.

Broighter torc and bowl
broighter torcThe Broighter torc was part of a substantial lot of gold artefacts found by Tom Nicholl in 1896 in Northern Ireland near Limavady. The lot is known as the broighter gold or broighter hoard. It includes a 7 inch long boat, a torc and some jewellery. It was found while ploughing on a farm and was later sold to the British museum for 600 pounds.

Celtic cross

celtic crossOnly the top part with the plus in the circle is the Celtic cross, the long column is simply a support.

1 pound, Welsh dragon
england 1 pound welsh dragonThe Welsh dragon shown on this con also appears on the flag of Wales, and the Tudor monarchs had the red dragon as supporter in their coat of arms.The red dragon is seen as a symbol of all things Welsh.

The Mametz wood memorial
welsh dragon

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