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Monday, February 28, 2011

England one pound - IV

England one pound, oak tree
england one pound oak treeThe oak has always been seen as the national tree of England. Its great height, age and strength made it the king of the English forest, and a symbol of endurance.

The oak's sturdy timber was used to build the frames of houses, barns and halls, and the ships of Francis Drake and Horatio Nelson - the "heart of oak" celebrated in the official march of the British Navy. The tree was also sacred to the Druids and the Anglo-Saxons, and it sheltered an English king, Charles II, when he was on the run from his enemies.

Oak tree is also a national symbol of Germany.

One pound plantegenet lions
england one pound plantegenet lionsThis is one of the coat of arms borne by Geoffrey Plantegenet and his descendants. It shows three lions passant guardant and it also features on the royal banner of England.The coat of arms of kings and dukes of England from 1198 to 1340, including Richard the Lionheart and Edward ! Longshanks is shown below.

royal arms of england

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