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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Russia 10 Rouble - III

Russia 10 rouble, Republic Altay
russia 10 rouble altay republicAltay republic is a federal subject of Russian Federation, part of Siberian Federal District. The administrative center is Gorno-Altaisk city. The republic is located in the Asia center. The nature of Altay republic is a combination of Altay mountains, Siberian taiga, Kazakhstan steppes and Mongolia semi-deserts.

Altay Republic has the population of 207,000 (2008)and the land area of the region is 92,600 sq. km.

First people inhabited the Altay valleys about 1.5 million years ago. Such is the supposed age of world-known Ulalinskaya site discovered in Gorno-Altaysk. In 8th-3rd centuries B.C. Altay region was inhabited by Skyphs-Pazyrykts - the founders of Altay animal style. Hun-Sarmat period in the history of the region began at the end of 3rd century B.C. From 6th century B.C. descendants of Huns, ancestors of Altays - Turkic people became the rulers of Central Asia.

Soviet power in the region was established by the end of 1919. On June 1st 1922 the Oyrot autonomous region was formed as a part of Altay krai, it was renamed Gorno (Mountainous)-Alatisky autonomous region on January 7th, 1948; from October 25th, 1990 it became Gorno-Alatiskaya ASSR, from July 3rd, 1991 - Gorno-Alatiskaya SSR, from May 1992 - the Republic of Gorny Altay, since December 12th, 1993 - the Republic of Altay.

Altay republic coat of arms
altay republic coat of arms
Russia 10 rouble, Republic of Adigeya
russia 10 rouble republic adygeyaThe republic of Adigeya is a federal subject of Russia enclaved within Krasnodar Krai. Its area is 7600 sq.Km and the population is 44,000 as in 2010. Its capital is Maykop.

Republic of Adigeya coat of arms
adygeya coat of arms

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