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Monday, August 1, 2011

Russia 10 rouble - IV

Russia 10 Rouble, Ministry of Education
russia 10 rouble ministry of educationThe shown symbol is a branch of leaves in a book, which symbolizes the Ministry of education of Russia. The legend reads Ministry of Education.

Russia 10 Rouble, 60 years of world war II
russia 10 rouble 60 years second world warThe second world war, fought from 1941-1945 between the Axis powers and the Allied powers, is one which caused the maximum suffering, losses and devastation throughout the world. When we think of the second world war, we think of Hitler and the concentration camps, of Japan and the nuclear bombs, but we often tend to forget the untold suffering and devastation left in the wake of the world war. People continue to lose their lives to this day because of land mines spread throughout the countryside. The figure on this coin is a star shaped monument with fire at its centre, and the circumscribing legend reads: "NO ONE IS FORGOTTEN". So this is a tribute to the soldiers who died fighting for Russia/U.S.S.R. in the epic war.

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