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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hyderabad mint bookings 2011

Hyderabad mint 2011 bookings
hyderabad mint booking
heyderabad mint bookings 2011
hyderabad mint bookingsMint bookings have opened with the Hyderabad mint for the coins of the Commonwealth games, Louis Braille, Rajendra Prasad, Brihadeshwara temple, mother Teresa, C Subramaniam, Rajendra Prasad, shaheed Bhagat Singh, income Tax and Gur-ta-gaddi in the denominations of 2,5 and 10rs. Bookings will be open until the end of February so there is lot of time to book your coins. Although most of these are available in circulation or can be bought for 15-20rs from your local dealer(without mint packing).

I don't feel any need to book most of these so didn't post this information immediately as it came. Though it should be noted that Bhagat Singh and Gur-ta-gaddi didn't come in circulation so you can book those if you want to. Keep in mind that you can currently get Gur-ta-gaddi from market for 300 rupees or so, so no need to book that one also you can buy that from market straightaway and not have to wait for the mint delivery. So we are only left with Bhagat Singh which may be booked.

Personally I wont book Bhagat Singh also but will buy from my dealer as it comes into the market. These days the mints are selling sub-standard material at exorbitant prices, why be dependent on them.


  1. Can i get 08 no of 5 rs coin in 300 rupees?

  2. no its 300 rs each per coin of 5rs.

  3. Gur- ta-gaddi 10 RS coin I purchased from ebay for RS .350 with mint packing.The hyderabad mint is selling for the same price.My doubt is what profit will get the ebay seller in this deal !How can it happend?

  4. buyer bought from market @ 250-300rs.
    Bookings were also opened for gur-ta-gaddi last year.