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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why attend exhibitions?

I decided to put this one as a separate article as I am putting details of a number of exhibitions in this space. This is particularly for collectors who have never been to an exhibition, even though they may be collecting for some time.

If you are not having any good dealer in your city then exhibitions can be good way to enhance your collection. Dealers from all over India come to sell their coins in National level exhibitions under one roof. So you can get most of the coins you want in a single day. There are large variety of coins to choose from, more than what you can buy. Even if you are generally busy in your work you can still take out at least 1 day in an year and buy what you want for the entire year in that time. You can keep a budget of 15-20k whenever you visit an exhibition. Exhibitions are held many times an year at different cities throughout the country so you can also choose the location which suits you. You may visit as many exhibitions as you want throughout the year, and I would recommend visiting at least one in an year. If you are going for the first time, I would suggest to refrain from heavy buying and to observe as much as you can to learn.

Even in an exhibition fakes can be there and there are sellers who look to fleece any new and unsuspecting buyers by selling at high prices, so better to keep your eyes and ears open.


  1. sir, pls tell me what is the diferrence between circulated 5 rs and unc rs5 coin packed. why they are asking 300 rs for that

  2. no difference. I wont pay 300rs for that.