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Thursday, March 29, 2012


Hello friends,
I would like to proudly declare that since I have now got 1955 2 anna and 1979 2 paise, my yearwise collection of republic India is now complete in UNC (3 items missing in mintwise). Thanks to your support all this time for the last 3-4 years. Though this also begets the question: if I can make a great collection with so limited resources, why can't you? I know that I have not been posting about new coins for some time now, one reason is unable to take pictures and other reason is lack of time. I don't buy quantity now but quality items only, so I wont be having too many coins to post about in the times to come as well. But I will post my collection one by one in the next few years. And my postings will be on a whole new level altogether as compared to the coins I have put up so far, although they will be less frequent. Items will be more interesting, varieties unknown to most people, items which any average collector would think cannot probably exist or some which may be beyond reach of most collectors either in terms of cost or availability, especially in the time to come. Like your crop science first issue is already beyond reach as its not available in market at this point. It shows up once in a while as of now and availability is fast going down.


  1. I also have student loans but wish I could help. Thanks for continuing your educational posts.

  2. Your pocket or amount does not matter, but the intent does. An amount of 100rs is also received with thanks.

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  4. many many congratulation...for you successfully done..this great collection. Although, collection of quality coins is much better thn big collection. 1 thing i got notice here you have missing 3 coins mintwise, so this collection is also in UNC? I need your advice that how could i get the UNC coins pls tell some will very helpfull for completing my collection.

  5. ya 4-5 may be XF, rest are unc. I do look for unc and by now i buy only if i get unc else i dont buy. patience is important and its also important from where you buy. some sellers dont keep unc at all, and at the same time u look at all sources to get maximum out of each.